City Councilman Anthony Byrd of District 8 is proposing to rename the city hall building the John P. Franklin Sr. Building. 

                Byrd says this would be done in honor of the work and legacy of the local civil rights icon

                John P. Franklin left a lasting legacy in this community breaking down barriers and paving the way for so many current leaders. 

                Now Councilman Byrd says there is a collective push to honor Mr. Franklin by renaming the city hall building in his honor.

                He says this is a way to make sure he is not forgotten.

"Just put people in the places they should be and so after thinking of roads and schools and this is not the end of it, things we can do to pay homage to show love and support for this wonderful man," said Councilman Byrd.

                The city council is actually scheduled to vote on this proposal at its meeting today

                We will follow this story and let you know what they decide.