Crews from Athens are in North Carolina helping restore power lost during Hurricane Florence.

Channel 3 spoke with Athens Utilities Board lineman Stan Roderick while he was in between work projects. Roderick is one of six linemen who are helping with recovery efforts.

The team is in Fayetteville and before that they were helping in Greenville, North Carolina. 

"Restoring the power from the damage of the hurricane,” explained Roderick, “Just a lot of down trees taking down lines and some flooding issues."

The crew has been in North Carolina since last Wednesday.

Roderick said the most difficult part of the massive project is getting to the places that need help.

"A lot of the roads were blocked due to high waters and not being able to get the trucks through there," said Roderick.

This is not the first major recovery effort Roderick and two other members of the team have been on. They also helped with recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma. He said the two storms have very different impacts.

"I would think Irma there was a lot more damage as far as wind is concerned,” said Roderick. “I think this storm, I think the rain, the significant amount of rain that they had here was probably, you know, a little bit more damaging in the area we are than the wind."

Families continue to thank crews while they work, but Roderick said the team would do it without any recognition.

"We don't have to have the thanks. You know, we signed up for this when we decided this is what we were going to do for a living," he said.

After they finish work in Fayetteville, they will get to come home.

However, they do not know how long that could take. Athens Utilities Board has a second crew of six on standby to relieve the team if needed.

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