Be it a good rant or a bad one, I want to hear Your 3 Cents! 

Recently, Richard called and let me have his 3 cents concerning Tiftonia and Lookout Valley.

"Yeah, my name is Richard Baldwin. My wife Carol and I moved to Lookout Valley two years ago, and we noticed on your weather broadcast story or on a lot of your broadcast on the news that our area doesn't seem to be mentioned much,  especially with the weather. We live in Lookout Valley, and we don't hear about Lookout Valley. We don't hear about Tiftonia. To be truthful, we don't know even know where the term Tiftonia came from. So we would appreciate hearing more about how our the weather affects our area and your regular reports."

So, Richard and Carol, here are my 3 cents. 

I hear you, and there may be something we can do. But first, how did Tiftonia get its name, you ask?

To get there, we have to go through Lookout Valley which has such a rich history that a gentleman named Alex McKeel wrote a history of the Lookout Valley community called "The History of the Lookout Valley Community."

This is an excerpt from that history.

Lookout Valley is about seven minutes west of Chattanooga. It has roots in Native American culture. One of the first names of this community was Wauhatchie, a Cherokee word that can be translated to mean "beautiful mountain and valley."

In 1783, Tennessee's future first Governor Colonel John Sevier entered Lookout Valley during the American Revolution.

John Brown is a legend in Lookout Valley. He built a tavern in 1803 which now stands on Brown's Ferry Road. According to legend, John Brown robbed and killed many of the people who stayed in the tavern. It has the distinction of being the oldest house in Hamilton County, celebrating its bicentennial in 2003.

Sometime around the late 1800s, a portion of Lookout Valley was changed to Tiftonia in honor of John Tift, a politician who lived in the area. 

And, Richard and Carol, as a bonus.  I hear you, and I will now start periodically showing (during the morning show at least) a more local view of neighborhood conditions, including the scenic and historic Lookout Valley.

If you have something you want to rant about, be it good or bad, give me Your 3 Cents! Just call 423-555-1212 and keep it pithy.