CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The team of Wes Hardin and Scott Gilley caught a 5 bass limit weighing 26.45 pounds topping out the field of 128 anglers to win first place and $2,000.00 in the Chattanooga Fish n Fun Chattanooga Bass Association Tournament. This day bass event was held September 15th 2018 out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp.

Wes said “We just kept it simple. casting a big plastic worm around cover. Our first bass of the morning was our 11.05 largemouth and that got us fired up for sure. We continued to fish hard building our weight as the day went on. Then with 45 min, left in the tournament. we got a nice 6.85 largemouth that put the icing on the cake”.

Wes and Scott also had big bass of the event a beast 11.05 pound largemouth ,

Second big fish of this event was caught by Corey Vetten and Kevin Drake a lucky large mouth weighing 7.77 pounds.

All fish caught in this event were released back into Lake Chickamauga to be caught again and special thanks to the fishermen for taking such extra good care of their catches.

Chattanooga Bass Association President, Jamie Copenhaver, said “Thanks to Chattanooga Fish n Fun and all our sponsors for their much appreciated support for this 2018 season”.

The top 10 winners are as follows:

  1. Scott G illey and Wes Harden 26.45 lbs. $2000
  2. Jack Crider and David Crider 22.16 lbs. $750
  3. Jamie Copenhaver and Adam Dysart 21.16 lbs. $600
  4. Derek and Chase McCullough 21.12 lbs. $500.00
  5. Kevin Drake and Corey Vetten 20.54 $400
  6. Rick Camp and Jamie Hatcher 20.30lbs. $300
  7. Buddy Gross and Hank Pitt 20.21lbs. $300
  8. Seth Davis and Brent Butler 19.80 lbs $200
  9. Robby Crosslin and Greg Worsham 19.19lbs, $200
  10. Nick Pratt and Chris Coffey 18.48 lbs. $150