Hundreds of people from in the Tennessee Valley are walking to end Alzheimer's.

More than 900 people and 124 teams participated in the walk at the Tennessee Riverpark Saturday morning.

This was one of 600 walks across the country aimed at raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care, support and research.

"People don't really get involved until it directly affects them, Allison Darras, manager of development for the Alzheimer's Association said. "So we do this to bring awareness to the disease but also awareness to the association because we don't want people who are facing this disease to feel like they're going at it alone. There are support services for them."

Darras said the organization raised $89,000,000 last year across the country.

This year, they hope to raise $100,000,000. 

She also said these walks are held throughout September and October.