UPDATE: Chattanooga police are looking for the person who vandalized a church.

Officers said it happened at GraceWorks Church on Lee Highway Thursday.

"Always growing up, we called it the Mark of the Beast, and so whenever we saw that it was a little bit disturbing,” Associate Pastor Michael Prettyman, with GraceWorks Church, said.

The numbers 6-6-6 appeared Thursday on doorways, church vans and signs.

Surveillance video captured this man walking toward the church's A/C system. It appears he's writing something.

Later that day, church members found the same numbers.

"Of course, it's an inconvenience for us, but you wonder what he's dealing with in his life and his family. You know, I encourage folks to pray for the guy or maybe pray for his situation because for someone to do that in the way it was done, it just seems like he may be having a crisis in his life,” Prettyman said.

The associate pastor isn't sure who the man is that took off in a car.

He posted pictures and videos of what happened on the church's social media page. Soon after, church members showed up to help.

"When we put it out on our Facebook page that this happened, it was shared. Thousands of people watched the video, and before I got here this morning, several people from our church had already been here and cleaned up virtually everything,” the associate pastor said.

The associate pastor calls this type of vandalism the first of its kind for the church.

Prettyman said by sharing what happened, someone might recognize who this man is and report him to police. He also hopes that man will get the help he needs.

"We want to help him. We want to restore him. We're not here to cast judgment. We're here to show grace,” Prettyman said.

It's unclear if church officials will press charges if and when the person who did this is arrested.

If you have any information that could help, call Chattanooga police at 423-698-2525.

Chattanooga police are investigating a case of vandalism at a local church.

Reported Thursday at the GraceWorks Church, police say they are working with the church's staff to gather more information.

A grouping of the number 6 was scrawled on a church van, doors at the church and signs using a red marker. Other vandalism included knocking over a bench and sidewalk lights.

Police ask if you have any information on the vandalism to call at 423-698-2525.