We often travel over, under, or by them without giving it much thought, but for a former Chattanooga news anchor is fascinated and obsessed with bridges. 

Calvin Sneed just released his second book "Building Bridges: The Iron and Concrete Wings of America."

Sneed has traveled almost 4,500 miles throughout the southeast and other parts of the country studying and taking pictures of bridges. 

His latest book focuses on the history of some bridges, including the Walnut Street Bridge when it comes to African Americans.

"Two African Americans were lynched on that bridge,” Sneed said. “A lot of people in Chattanooga will not cross that bridge because of its history.” 

“I could not raise a camera to that bridge for years,” Calvin continued. “The emotions of what happened just overwhelmed me."

You can hear more of his story this weekend on Trends On 3.

Calvin will have a book signing this Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Hamilton Place that begins at 2:00 p.m.