Georgia is now under a state of emergency after Governor Nathan Deal issued an emergency declaration for all 159 counties.

Thursday morning, the state upgraded to a Level 1, the highest response for state emergency personnel and FEMA.

"The state is mobilizing all available resources to ensure public safety ahead of Hurricane Florence," said Deal. "In light of the storm's forecasted southward track after making landfall, I encourage Georgians to be prepared for the inland effects of the storm as well as the ensuing storm surge in coastal areas. GEMA/HS continues to lead our preparedness efforts as we coordinate with federal, state and local officials to provide public shelter and accommodate those evacuating from other states. Finally, I ask all Georgians to join me in praying for the safety of our people and all those in the path of Hurricane Florence."

The order eases regulations on trucks hauling gasoline and relief supplies into Georgia.

The governor says there's a real concern for some communities in the Peach State.

"For us in Georgia with so many trees, that is a combination that brings power lines down and that means we have to have the private sector in terms of utility companies on standby prepared to deal with that. Plus, we just have to do our best in terms of flooding consequences, but we will be sure that we stationed all of our equipment in close proximity to the areas that will be heavily impacted by it," Deal said.

Price gouging is sometimes a concern during emergency situations, especially with gas. Governor Deal issued a price freeze in his order making it illegal for gas stations to raise their prices to unfair levels.

If you suspect price gouging in Georgia, contact the Consumer Protection Unit at 404-651-8600 or 1-800-869-1123.

To read the executive order, see below or click here.