Helicopters, construction crews and equipment from the Tennessee Valley Authority are on their way to North Carolina ahead of Hurricane Florence making landfall.

Those crews will be ready to help restore power as soon as the storm passes.

Eighty construction crews left Wednesday for Charlotte to support Duke Energy's restoration work to come as part of a mutual aid agreement between the companies.

It's more than two-thirds of the construction workforce at TVA.

They also started spilling at the Chickamauga Dam Wednesday afternoon for the hurricane.

"We're staging personnel, trucks, equipment, helicopters, mechanics. Some of the TVA police force is actually going to help as well," TVA Spokesperson Malinda Hunter said.

The crews and equipment will ride out the storm and then hit the ground assessing damage and restoring power as soon as it passes.

With the category 3 storm expected to dump 20-30 inches of rain on the East Coast, TVA is also preparing for an influx of water through the Tennessee River system.

"You will see increased spilling and increased flows over the next week as we manage the rainfall as it comes in from this storm," Hunter added.

Spilling water at the Chickimauga Dam helps prevent flooding in the Tennessee Valley.

"Everyone is saying this is going to be an epic storm so it's not something that we're taking lightly," Hunter said.

From Chattanooga to the East Coast, TVA is ready and waiting but hoping for the best.

If you have a boat or dock, TVA suggests to make sure your property is tied down and secure to help prevent damage from the change in water levels.

It's not clear when that will happen, but TVA said you should take those measures now.