Animal shelters in Chattanooga are already helping evacuate pets from shelters on the East Coast ahead of Hurricane Florence making landfall.

The first wave of pets from South Carolina is expected to arrive at McKamey Animal Center around 1:00 am on Wednesday. Nearly 30 dogs are headed to the shelter.

Both McKamey and the Humane Educational Society are bracing to help dozens of animals over the next few days.

"This is our emergency and overflow room," Katie Christie, McKamey Care and Placement Administrator said walking Channel 3 around the shelter.

Rooms are prepared with kennels and beds, and employees and volunteers are unpacking boxes.

"We just got some orders in,” Christie explained. “So, restocking supplies and getting ready for tonight.”

"These are animals that aren't part of the hurricane, because of course it hasn't hit, but they're animals that were already in shelters,” explained Jamie McAloon, Executive Director at McKamey. “They want to empty those shelters out so they have room to put the animals that are running at large and that are homeless as a result of the hurricane."

As McKamey is taking a proactive approach, across the city the Humane Educational Society is also preparing to help.

"Getting the tents set up, our volunteer corps organized, getting our supplies organized; all of our crates to put the animals in,” said Bob Citrullo, Executive Director at HES. “So, we're already working at that now. Probably over the next day or two we should see all of that coming to be put up."

A tent will be set up behind the shelter to hold up to 80 animals. Those animals will be coming later in the week after the storm hits.

"When it really gets serious and they need to move those animals, they're going to know that HES is here," urged Citrullo.

This is not the first time the shelters have helped animals displaced by a hurricane. Both organizations helped after hurricanes Harvey and Irma and said they are even more prepared this year.

Both shelters are taking donations, monetary and supplies. Supplies can be sent to the shelters or brought in. 

For more information on how to donate to McKamey Animal Center click here.

For more information on how to donate to Humane Educational Society click here.