A Chattanooga faith leader spent four days at the U.S. - Mexico border to get a first-hand look at the immigration crisis and spread a message of love and hope.

Anna Golladay went to the border with about 45 other people.

"I'm really anxious to get across to Juarez to see how things are there," Golladay said in a Facebook Live video as she was crossing the border.

Facebook Live videos documented the moments Golladay crossed the border from the United States to Mexico. She went with a group of faith leaders to watch first-hand what was happening and to pray with immigrants.

Golladay was part of a "Jericho Walk" where the group prayed as they walked the perimeter of a detention center.

"In hopes that both the metaphorical and the physical walls of those detention centers would actually come down," Golladay explained.

The group also held a worship service at the border. Golladay says, "On both sides of the wall. We worshiped with folks on the Mexico side as well as our people."

The moments that stick with her the most were not planned parts of the visit. Golladay said she watched as a young woman and her son were seeking asylum, but were denied entrance into the United States.

"Being alongside a young woman who literally has nothing to her name and is in tears, is broken, is traumatized, is one of those things that you just don't forget," Golladay recalled.

She hopes her experiences will allow her to continue the conversation about immigration here in the Tennessee Valley.

"Those kinds of things should be conversations that we're having. What does that mean for us in this community? What does that mean for people we're in neighborhoods with?" urged Golladay.

The group will be going back again next year, but Golladay says she plans to take another trip before then.