KNOXVILLE (WBIR) — A Nashville woman's post about conditions at a Knoxville pet store is sparking concern from animal lovers online, but the business owner is denying the accusations.

Misty Lawrence said in a Facebook post that's been widely shared that she and her daughter visited Puppy Zone on Kingston Pike over the weekend. We've heard from dozens of people asking us to look into the accusation.

"The smell from urine and feces was very strong. The store is very stuffy and hot. Half of the puppies, if not more, seemed to be highly drugged. They were laying with their eyes open and would not respond as we spoke to them or shook them to try and get them to respond," she wrote on Facebook.

"It's very upsetting to me, because I couldn't even imagine my dog coming from a place like that," Lawrence said.

Steven Glatz, owner of Puppy Zone, told 10News he had seen the post, and that the allegations are not true.