UPDATED: The McMinn County Sheriff's Department is responding to a viral video posted on Facebook.

We must warn you the video some may find the video disturbing.

The man behind the glass is 44-year-old, Christopher McClure, arrested last month for possession of meth and violating the terms of his probation.

"It's bad, he is slower than he was before," Erica Miller said. "He is not quite there, I don't think. I don't know if it's permanent or anything, but I know it could've get worse if he doesn't receive the proper medical treatment."

Miller, who shares a child with McClure, recorded the video on Sunday evening when she arrived at jail visitation to find him bleeding from the nose, bandaged and shaking.

"I'm overwhelmed, scared," Miller added.

Miller posted the video on Facebook.

"Because something needed to be done," Miller said. "There has been so many people that have been hurt or die in this jail, other jails. I don't want him to be one of them. I got to explain that to my daughter how I let her dad die."

Jail officials confirm that McClure was involved in an altercation with another inmate following a court hearing on Thursday. They say he was treated at the emergency room the day of and seen by a jail doctor Friday.

Miller says McClure underwent surgery but should have received more care sooner.

"I know he is in a lot of pain," Miller added. "They are refusing to give him anything other than ibuprofen."

Sheriff Joe Guy was out of town and unavailable for an on-camera interview, but responded on Facebook saying he is limited on what he can share under law.

He added that he stands by the jail medical staff and says, "we care for sick inmates every day, and have a great record of doing so."

Guy also wrote that using a cell phone in jail visitation can be illegal and is against visitation rules.

He says Miller could be banned or criminally charged for taking the video.

"It's worth it," Miller said.

Jail officials say McClure has a follow-up appointment with a doctor and is being monitored.

The other inmate involved in the fight is in isolation.
Both could face additional charges.

PREVIOUS STORY: A video of a McMinn County inmate is getting the attention of the sheriff. Channel 3 has chosen to only show a still picture from the video at this time because it is hard to watch.

Erica Miller said she took the video while visiting Christopher McClure at the jail on Sunday.

She told Channel 3 McClure is the father of their child.

Jail records confirm he was booked into the jail on August 23 for violating his probation and drug charges.

In the video, you can see he appeared to have trouble holding up the phone.

Miller claims McClure was assaulted at the jail Thursday night and taken to the hospital. She said he needs more medical treatment than he's receiving.

Sheriff Joe Guy is standing by the jail medical staff and his deputies. He posted a statement on Facebook on Sunday.

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