Authorities in several jurisdictions in Georgia and at least one in North Carolina are being credited with taking three-quarters of a million dollars worth of methamphetamine off the street and catching men who allegedly dealt far more.

It was all part of a massive drug investigation dubbed "Operation Unicoi Pipeline" followed a 16-month investigation. From it, police arrested Charles Michael Ledford and Bobby Roger "Rob" Burch for the alleged distribution of 330 pounds of meth over the course of 2 years.

When agents went in for the arrest, they found 15 pounds of the deadly drug along with stolen guns and money from drug deals. The drugs alone were valued at $725,000 according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Authorities found over three pounds of the drug hidden in a truck battery belonging to Burch in Gainesville, Georgia. Burch had apparently just left Ledford's home in Conyers and was traveling in Hayesville, North Carolina. Authorities found another 12 pounds of meth at Ledford's home.

Meanwhile, additional search warrants in Clay County, North Carolina turned up a cache of guns and illegal drugs at Burch's home.

Authorities also executed a search warrant at the home of Michael Byers in Young Harris, Georgia and found one ounce of meth.

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