The Moon River Music Festival kicks off Saturday and businesses on the Northshore are preparing for large crowds.

Tickets sold out early and about 10,000 people are expected to attend.

Some businesses are concerned about having such a large crowd at the park, and others are excited to see if sales will go up.

Signs line the streets and fill storefront windows advertising the festival.

It is the first time the festival is being held in the Scenic City, and thousands are expected to pack this side of the Riverfront.

"It's new to have something over on this side of the river as opposed to always being over on the, more of the, Southside,” said Bonnie Scoggins, “It's kind of fun to have something come to the Northshore."
Scoggins works at Winder Binder on the Northshore.

Behind the hustle and bustle of festival set up and inside the Winder Binder store employees are busy preparing for the weekend.

“We even rearranged the store. Like, we completely changed the front end, we even added new shelving,” explained Scoggins.

Records, books, and local art is on display. They want to give visitors a taste of Chattanooga, "It really gives you a true taste of what Chattanooga is as opposed to just the tourist spots. This is like the heart of Chattanooga."

Not everyone is on board. Some business employees and managers did not want to go on camera, and tell Channel 3 they are concerned about keeping Coolidge Park clean.

The president of the Chattanooga Visitor’s Bureau said that shouldn't be a problem.

"It's a two day festival. It's pretty light I think because it's a big space and I think it'll be fine," said Barry White.

At Winder Binder, employees are embracing the festival and hoping it will be successful.

"We're hoping it will be super great and we'll have lots of business, but it could be everyone just going to that and passing us by. We're hoping for the best!" Scoggins said.

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