The search is on for a bold thief targeting Dalton hotels and stealing from the breakfast bar.

Police said the first theft happened nearly two weeks ago at a group of hotels on College Drive.

Police said the man stole plastic silverware, shampoo and towels. The bold ways he’s entering hotel rooms has police concerned.

A free hot breakfast can be a big perk when staying at a hotel. Dalton police said one man decided to walk into the Holiday Inn Express and help himself.

"I think he knew. This hotel is known for its breakfast,” Cecy Lagunas, front office manager at Holiday Inn Express, said.

The man was not a guest at the College Drive hotel.

Lagunas said something didn't seem right about him. She said he walked in with books, started eating from the breakfast bar and then wandered the halls.

"He looked lost. Once I saw him going back and then about the books, there was something fishy there,” Lagunas said.

That's when Lagunas got her general manager involved.

She approached the man who told her he was "just checking how easy it is to get into hotels and get free stuff." The GM told him to leave, and he did.

"If nothing else, it should tell you the clerks are paying attention to who is coming in, who is going, they have good systems for security. They're able to watch these videos and tell that somebody just doesn't look right and that they were willing to call us and let us know,” Assistant Chief Chris Crossen of the Dalton Police Department said.

Assistant Chief Crossen said that's not the only hotel the man entered.

The next day, police said the man snuck into one of the rooms that was being cleaned at the Quality Inn.

He was there for roughly an hour before hotel employees approached him.

"He knows it's wrong because of his comments to the clerks, but he's really throwing that out the window,” Crossen said.

Officers said he was bold enough to hit another hotel the following day.

He told the clerk at the Super 8 he left his cell phone in a room and asked to get in to get it back.

They told him they would call the police. No one has seen him since then.

Hotel employees told police they believe the man was involved in several other thefts at hotels in the area.

Officers said he was last seen driving a black Nissan Altima.

If you can help, call police at 706-278-9085, ext. 9579.