Some children at Erlanger Children's Hospital got a visit from a few flight crews Friday.

The East Coast Helicopter Operations Group, also known as ECHO, is hosting their first ever conference in Chattanooga this year. 

Several flight crews from around the country visited the children's hospital Friday handing out their trinkets while spending some time with the pediatric patients.  

Channel 3 spoke to the spokesperson for ECHO, and he told us how this program got started and why they do it.

"The idea for rotors for kids actually came from John, the founder of ECHO, and he brought it to me to get me to coordinate the event," ECHO spokesperson Joey Loehner said. So I was able to assemble 24-25 people from flight crews and companies all around the country and bring them here today to meet with the kids and just spend time with the sick kids and try to put a smile on their face."

ECHO said they hope to come back next year.