Several Hamilton County elementary schools have implemented a new positive behavior program, called the house system.

At Daisy Elementary School, four teams of students are trying to outdo each other in an effort to be better people.

They’re called the Arcadians, Titans, Athenians and Olympians.  These names from Greek mythology are the team names for Daisy Elementary School’s house program. 

Principal Lee Ziegler and his staff are joining several schools in promoting good behavior habits.

The idea seems to be catching on.  Ask a Daisy student to name any of the school’s ten essentials, known as the Daisy Ten, and you’ll get an earful (making eye contact, being courteous, responding to others, respecting others, kindness, school pride, hard work, honesty, perseverance and positivity).

During the school day, administrators Ziegler and Jill Hall, along with each staff member, pay special attention to students who do the right thing.  The students are awarded points, which count toward their particular team, and at the end of each nine weeks, the winning team is rewarded with a big celebration.

Ziegler said he can already tell a difference in school pride, respect and eye contact among students.  The goal, of course, is establishing lifelong habits that will carry over to middle school, and beyond.

The school's PTA provided hundreds of color-coded T-shirts for each student and staff member.  The program is based on author Ron Clark's book "The Essential 55."