SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tn. - It's “Tennessee’s Oldest Rivalry,” a game played annually since 1924. South Pittsburg versus Marion County, but don't say that to any of the Pirates faithful.

"You call them Jasper, that's what we do," South Pittsburg quarterback, Brayden Sanders, said.

One thing South Pittsburg doesn't do, is give up a lot of points. Through three games this season, the Pirates have only given up seven. And for their 15-year old quarterback, life's pretty good.

"I just feel like, I can do whatever I need. I mean, there's really no pressure when the other team hasn't scored any points," Sanders said.

The sophomore quarterback can't sell himself short though, the Pirates are averaging 41.3 points a game this season, but he and head coach Vic Grider attribute a lot to the supporting cast.

"Fortunately for us we have enough veteran people around him where we don't have to ask him to do everything. We've got people that can make plays around him and we've got a veteran offensive line. We knew going into this year that was going to be the strength of our football team. We got a lot of guys up, up front," Grider said.

You get a vibe from South Pittsburg of a team ready to take the next step. The past two years saw them lose to the same team in the state semifinals. But again, don't say that to the Pirates faithful, they're only worried about that team from Jasper.

"They've done what's necessary to get themselves to this spot in the season. And that just so happens to be right now 3-0 and fixing to play our biggest rival. After this one's over Friday, we'll worry about the next one," Grider said.