A man seen in family photos with a beaming smile was found dead in a dumpster back in July and police have little to go on.

Sixty-year old Robert Townsend lived in Brainerd, but on the morning of Friday the 13th, his body was discovered in East Chattanooga.

"Robert Townsend is a family man and he has a mother that's very concerned about his death," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. "Several neighbors in the area of 2500 Laura Street called in to Public Works and the police department in relation to an odor and Public Works went out and they found a construction dumpster that had a body that was decomposing inside."

Any information you may have, whether you know it to be true or not, can help.

"We know that there are some rumors that are going around, so we want to hear those," Sgt. Miller said. "Investigators need to know what you've heard and who you heard it from so we can try to track down exactly what happened."

Using the Crime Stoppers program, you never have to worry about your name getting back to anyone. We will never ask you for it.

"We just need to know the information that you have," explained Miller. "You'll be provided a tip ID number and that will stay with you throughout the entire duration, until you get the money. And all we ask is 'what's the temp ID number.' You'll never be asked your name."

It may be there is a simple explanation. It is also possible there is a killer on the loose.

You could hold to the key. Did Townsend get into an argument? Did he own someone money?

"There could've been an incident that morning," Miller added. "It could've been days before that. So, any information that you have about his whereabouts in the days before July 13th, please call and let us know."

Call crime stoppers at 423-698-3333.

Up to $1,000 is on the table. That line is manned 24/7. Whatever you know, whatever you have heard, call it in.

You never know which bit of information will crack this case and get Robert Townsend's family some answers.