Two moms from Cleveland are working to make a difference in the lives of adoptive and foster families.

Camill Howard and Lauren Haun founded Hope 4 One Ministries earlier this year. Their goal is to educate, raise money and support families who adopt or foster children.

“If we can just support one family, if we can make a difference for one, then we are hope in the world for one child,” Haun said.

Their personal experiences led them to start a nonprofit.

Howard has four kids including three biological children and a daughter whom she and her husband adopted from China. She says they plan to continue growing their family.

Haun and her husband have six children, including three biological and three adopted children.

“When we adopted, we did not have a community that really came around us. We had our families and our friends, but there was nobody that had walked that road to walk alongside us,” Howard said.

The women say they began meeting with other foster and adoptive parents who felt the same way.

“We all said, hey, we can do this better together than we could ever do it apart,” Haun said.

After those initial meetings, the women said, “God just took it from there.” An anonymous donor stepped up to help get the organization off the ground.

Through community support and donations, the women have been able to open a foster closet.

When people find out they’re going to be welcoming a foster child into their homes, they often don’t have much time to prepare. Many children go into foster homes with nothing. That’s where the foster closet comes in.

“They can come and gather the items they need. We give them a one week supply of clothing. We give them a toothbrush, essential items, basically what they would need for a week,” Haun explained.

The items are free, and families can shop once a month. The closet is stocked with clothing for children of all ages, diapers, strollers, car seats and other necessities that families need to get by. As part of the initial placement pack, volunteers will take a meal to the family and pray over the child during their first week home.

“Families don’t have to feel like they’re alone. They’re receiving love and feeling community and they, in turn, can help and love on those kids that are in their home,” Haun told Channel 3.

The organization plans to launch a grant campaign called 'Give One Save One.' They’re asking members of area churches to donate $1 each. Grants will be given quarterly to help families with adoption expenses.

The foster closet relies on donations and is currently accepting new and gently used children’s items as well as adult clothing for teenagers.

The closet is located at 5555 North Lee Highway, Suite 5. The hours vary so anyone interested in picking up items will need to contact the organization.

You can contact Hope 4 One Ministries by calling (423) 413-7589, emailing or visiting