Parents and teachers are getting their first look at the new Harrison Elementary School.

Many people have seen generations of their families go to school at Harrison Elementary and tell Channel 3, the new building is long overdue.

For some parents and grandparents, walking through the school is a little too familiar.

"I started here in 1951," explained Barbara Emmert.

Emmert went to Harrison Elementary School. So did her kids, and now her grandchildren.

The school has been open for nearly 80 years and Emmert said one thing has never changed.

"Basically we're looking at the same walls and the same classrooms!" exclaimed Emmert.

After decades of waiting, the school is not only getting an upgrade, it will be an entirely new building.

"We've been waiting for it for a long time,” said Kyle Kuffrey, who has two daughters at the school.

“It's really good to see it happening now," added Kuffrey.

The new building will go behind Brown Middle School and will be in the shape of an "H."

"Each wing will have its own color code for the different grades," said school board chairman, Steve Highlander.

The plans show separate lanes for cars and buses.

There will also be enough space for nearly 900 students, which is double the size of the current school, with enough room to expand for up to 1,000 students.

The school will also have one "forced entrance" that will send all visitors straight to the front office to sign in, a feature parents were happy to hear about.

“They're taking into account a lot of stuff we need as far as safety and size," said Kuffrey.

“For modern issues, for electricity, and all the different amenities that are needed for a modern school, the new one will have it," said Highlander.

Officials are hoping to start building in the spring. The new school is set to open in 2020.  

The new building will be able to hold twice as many students. Highlander said Hillcrest Elementary will close and some students will move to the new school.

School officials have not determined how this will affect zoning yet.

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