A Hixson neighborhood has been without power three times within the last two weeks and when those outages lasted several hours, Bobby Stanley contacted Channel 3 for answers.

Stanley showed Channel 3 around the property where he has lived with his parents for nearly four decades. He points out the utility lines that run through his backyard and the problems he’s had keeping the power on.

He’s faced three power outages in two weeks.

“When the A/C goes out, you know, it gets hotter than Hades. It gets as hot as 95 degrees, it’s frustrating,” Stanley said.

It's especially frustrating because Stanley said his father has medical problems that require him to use special equipment; equipment that needs power.

“Last Friday the nurse had to work by flashlight to change the bandage and it took her about an hour and half to do that,” he added.

EBP trucks showed up on Stanley’s street when we took Stanley’s concerns to EPB spokesperson J.Ed. Marston. He said there is record of multiple outages in the area, but for different reasons.

Some of the outages are caused by repeating problems with equipment, others where trees have fallen on lines, which is why Marston said more than 100 crews are out everyday, when the weather is nice, keeping trees and limbs way from lines.

“We have certified foresters who make sure we’re trimming the trees in a way that’s healthy for the tree but also does the job of trying to reduce damage a tree is going to cause in high winds or other situations like that,” Marston added.

Marston said EPB is in contact with Stanley and will work to see if there is anything else that can be done to help fix the issue and keep the power on.

If you have trees around the lines near your home, EPB said it’s the homeowner’s job to keep them away from smaller utility lines, like the ones that run from your home to the line outside.

For the major lines, it’s EPB's job to keep those clear.

If you have any questions, call EPB at 423-648-1EPB (1372) and they will send a forester out to look at your property.