A Chattanooga organization has received a grant to help fight Chattanooga's opioid epidemic.

Girls Inc. of Chattanooga has received $25,000 from the Cardinal Health Foundation’s Generation Rx Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Education for Youth grant program.

The program will be led by youth and will follow the design of the Girls Inc. IMPACT program, which helps educate teenage girls about infant mortality. The IMPACT program was also recognized by the National Institute of Health Care Management as being one of the most effective teen health advocacy programs in the country, a Girls Inc. of Chattanooga spokesperson explained.

"It is with this same commitment to excellence that Girls Inc. of Chattanooga will continue its teen health advocacy programming to encompass a prescription drug misuse prevention education platform," the spokesperson added.

More than 40 organizations across Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee were selected to receive a prevention education grant from the Cardinal Health Foundation.

"All of the organizations selected for funding share our goal of turning the tide on the opioid epidemic," Jessie Cannon, Vice President of Community Relations at Cardinal Health, said. "Ultimately, we expect our grantees to learn from each other—and we will learn from them. As they develop best practices, our goal is to spread this work throughout the country, and foster solutions to this complex public health crisis.”

The grant is designed to expand education about medication safety to thousands of students.

“This grant will support our efforts to empower young ladies as leaders both in their communities and among their peers. The IMPACT participants become subject matter experts and change-makers ending prescription medication and opioid misuse in our region,” said Melissa Blevins, Girls Inc. CEO

For more information, visit Girls Inc. of Chattanooga's website.