Just hours after taking the oath of office, Bradley County's new sheriff swept the county jail for contraband.

What Sheriff Steve Lawson found may result in more charges for inmates.

During Sheriff Lawson's campaign, he highlighted issues he saw with the Bradley County Jail from overcrowding to contraband. He decided to address contraband as his first order of business after taking office at midnight Saturday.

During the sweep, officers found items like shanks and hooch, which is homemade alcohol. The sheriff said this sweep was to show the taxpayers, whose money goes towards the jail, that his administration is taking its job seriously and will continue to in his first 100 days.

Lawson said his first priority is safety.

"I wanted to show force," Sheriff Lawson explained. "I wanted to show different agencies unified together. It's about these people, and it's about making these employees feel safe, making the jail better. Getting on the front end of any liability. You're always gonna have your good days and bad days when you run a jail."

Due to it being a holiday, we couldn't get ahold of the district attorney's office.

A spokesperson told us that no charges have been discussed, but once evidence has been reviewed, we will learn what will happen with the offending inmates.