A Chattanooga man has been charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Saturday, an officer with McKamey Animal Center was sent to a home on Taylor Street to look into a possible case of animal neglect.

The officer knocked on the door, but no one appeared to be home, the arrest affidavit explained.

The officer then walked to the back of the home where there was a deceased dog. The dog was still chained up, and the officer said the dog did not appear to have any food or water, the arrest report said.

When the officer walked towards the dog, he saw another dog that was still alive. The report said the dog looked "emaciated and unhealthy." It was also chained up and did not have any food or water.

Chattanooga police officers were called to help due to the severity of the incident. Officers were able to get ahold of the homeowner who said the dogs belonged to a family member named Kenneth Robinson.

While officers were speaking with the homeowner, they were told that Robinson was on the phone with McKamey Animal Center's director. The director told officers that Robinson said he was in the process of moving and that a child he knew was looking after the animals, the report said.

Robinson also said he was not sure when the dogs had last been fed or given water and that it could have been weeks. The affidavit said that Robinson told officers "that he was the adult and should have taken better care."

Robinson was arrested but has since been released. He is scheduled to be in court on September 21.