The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) is encouraging everyone to stay safe this Labor Day weekend, especially if you're traveling.

A local hotel general manager said the summer is a busy time for tourism here in Chattanooga.

Daniel Mote said for Labor Day weekend it's common for several hotels to be full.

Mote and his crew at the downtown Courtyard Marriott have started to see some of the Labor Day weekend guests.

Mote and the HCSO provided tips for making sure your hotel stay is a safe one.

Mote says the most important tip is to not give out your last name and room number.

“Those are the things that you need if you're going to charge to a room,” Mote said. “You have to have a name and the room number. A lot of times we verify with your ID.”

The HCSO said if you are worried someone is not who they say they are, then check with the front desk.

Mote agreed and said an employee would never ask for any account information over the phone.

“Do not do it,” Mote said. “It is a scam call. We would call up, and ask you to come down.”

The sheriff's office wants guests to make sure doors are secure.

Mote said his hotel has a safety procedure to follow.

“All of our exterior doors are key controlled, our front door locks at a certain time after we are done with our arrivals. To make sure everyone is safe, we check the doors on a regular basis,” Mote explained.

Even though the hotel is in the middle of a popular area, unwelcomed guests are not an issue.

Mote encourages customers to say something if they see or have a feeling that something may not be right.

Here's a look at a few more safety tips from the sheriff's office: