One of the Top 10 Aquariums in the world is located in the Tennessee Valley, according to TripAdvisor.

The travel site named the Tennessee Aquarium as the seventh best in the world.

“It's a huge aquarium divided into two buildings. The Up and Down layout gives some spectacular vertical views," a TripAdvisor spokesperson said.

Only four of the ten aquariums on the list are in the United States.

Here is the full list:
1. Lisbon Oceanarium - Lisbon, Portugal

2. Oceanografic Valencia - Valencia, Spain

3. Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, Georgia

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium - Monterey, California

5. Aquarium of Genoa - Genoa, Italy

6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7. Tennessee Aquarium - Chattanooga, Tennessee

8. Maui Ocean Center - Wailuku, Hawaii

9. Vancouver Aquarium - Vancouver, British Columbia

10. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - Motobu-cho, Japan