Chattanooga city officials are working on a plan that could make the trip to the Hamilton Place Mall less congested.

The city is seeking ideas from engineering firms for services related to modifying Hamilton Place Boulevard near the mall to accommodate the state's I-75 interchange work. The project will add direct access from I-75 southbound to Hamilton Place Boulevard.

City transportation officials tell Channel 3 this plan could help all drivers who travel near the mall.

"Shallowford Road is extremely challenging from a traffic standpoint right now because it's the only option for people that live in the East Brainerd community that want to access Gunbarrel Road, that want to access the other communities that are out there both on the west side of the highway and the east side of the highway," Blythe Bailey, with the Chattanooga Department of Transportation, said. "So, as with any part of the city, the more options you have for how you can move around, the safer it is."

Officials say the city's local connector piece for the mall has to be done before TDOT's interchange work. That I-75 project is being funded directly through the governor's Improve Act. 

Work is expected to start in the summer of 2019.