Dalton High School is supporting the arts in a unique way.

Walk through the school and next to the drink machine is another vending machine, but this one doesn't sell food or snacks.

"Some of them [students] have never seen anything like this,” art teacher Trevor Ledford said. “Actually, most people have not seen anything like this."

The machine sells student artwork.

"I made like a view because I like views," junior Martin Garcia explained.

"Just simple drawings with beautiful colors," junior Denise Reynoso said about her artwork.

More than 160 students have artwork displayed inside.

You can buy letters, pocket-sized cards and more.

The $3,000 project was paid for with a grant from the Dalton Education Foundation.

"I just wanted a different way to expose our students to the public with their artwork," Ledford said.

All the money raised goes right back to the school's art department for supplies and materials.

"Hopefully it will be like a self-sustaining kind of fundraiser for us," Ledford added.

At a time when many arts programs are fighting for funding, this one is using the students' individual talents to bring in money and showcase art in a public way.

"It's just new, and it's fresh," Ledford said.

The vending machine holds nearly 300 pieces of art. If the machine is successful, they hope to put another one in the community.

In the first week, the school sold nearly 50 pieces of art.