An EPB outage left businesses and homeowners across the Chattanooga area without the phone, internet, and email services.

Fiber optic services were restored Thursday evening, more than 12 hours after EPB reported the problem.

The Children's Advocacy Center posted on Facebook to let people know the phone lines were down and what to do in case of an emergency.

Kristen McCallie is the Executive Director for the Children's Advocacy Center.

She spends her day helping children who are victims of sexual assault.

“They come to us for help so that the child only has to tell their story once instead of having to talk to a DCS worker, a law-enforcement personnel, and a lawyer,” said Kristen McCallie.

The center relies on EPB for internet and phone service. They were among the businesses that lost service Thursday morning around 8:00.

McCallie says anyone who called the center heard a busy tone.

“It was hard to do work, but we were still able to provide our services to children,” said McCallie.

The center posted on Facebook to remind people to call the national hotline instead of the local office.

“Sometimes folks will call us instead of the hotline, and we redirect you if you're trying to report child abuse,” said McCallie. “We help with that process, but it has to get screened first.”

EPB could not share how many fiber optic customers were affected. A spokesperson for EPB says the outage was sporadic and occurred during a “routine network adjustment.” Several of the systems EPB uses to deliver service did not restore properly during that process.

EPB tweeted saying although services have been restored it may take some time for backlogged email messages to make their way through the server.

EPB says the outage was limited to the utility’s TV, internet, and telephone customers. No power was lost.
EPB says services should be working now, but anyone with ongoing problems should call (423-648-1372).

Channel 3 was included in Thursday’s outage. If you have tried to reach our newsroom and couldn't, we are working to receive backlogged messages. You can always connect with us on the WRCB Facebook page.