MoviePass, the movie subscription service people love to hate, is rolling out its latest dramatic changes. The change goes into effect when a member's monthly subscription renews and that's happening for most members this week. So what's it like? It's great except when it isn't.

MoviePass became a hit about this time last year when it dropped the cost of a monthly membership to $9.95. A subscription allowed users to see one movie per day with no restrictions besides being unable to use the card to pay for 3D and IMAX movies. It was the best deal on the internet.

I used my MoviePass card earlier this week and here's what I found:

When I checked the app each morning there was either 2 movies available or a dozen.
There was no rhyme-nor-reason for what movies or theaters were available. Last Thursday there were 3 movies available, on Friday there were 14 including all showings for the day. Later in the afternoon some movies were removed while many showings were no longer available.

On Monday I checked the app first thing in the morning and "Mission Impossible Fallout" was available for all showings. By the afternoon though, only the 10:05 show could be seen using the MoviePass card to pay for a ticket.

Why the change? It seemed that a limited number of tickets for shows could be paid for using the card. That made little sense though since there were only 3 people (including myself) for that 10:05 showing.

On Wednesday I checked again and only 2 movies were listed in the app but on the MoviePass website, 12 films were supposed to be available. Again, it makes no sense.

On its website MoviePass says this is all temporary while they roll out the new plan. Whether that's soon enough to keep subscribers is yet to be seen but a survey released this week shows half of members say they are thinking of canceling their membership.

I'm still waiting to see what this new policy is going to be like going forward. At present though, this month's membership is paid for and I broke even by seeing that one show.