Remote Area Medical founder and president Stan Brock has died at the age of 82. His organization RAM provided free medical, dental and vision care to people in needy communities.

Stan Brock started a lifetime of missions to provide free medical help to the world's remote areas. His long and interesting life made a lasting impact.

At RAM clinics across the country, hundreds wait in line overnight for treatment. Stan Brock was always there. “I've never been to a RAM clinic that Stan was not there. He was monitoring everything that was going on. Logistically it was running well and ways he could improve the patient flow and make things better overall,” said Bob Nevil, chair of the Hamilton County RAM host group.  

Brock founded RAM in 1985 to serve as a safety net provider for free medical care. It began in remote areas of developing countries, like Mexico and Haiti. But Brock quickly realized there was also a  need right here at home. “Here in the United States why do people need to endure this kind of discomfort, to get the essential healthcare that they need? Because they simply can't afford to go to the doctor,” said Stan Brock in an earlier interview.

Brock was dedicated to his humanitarian work. Friends said it was his life's mission. Since RAM’s founding 33 years ago, the organization has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and provided more than 120 million dollars’ worth of free health care. “He lived it. He embodied Ram's mission of helping others, making a difference in people's lives,” said Nevil.

RAM volunteers said the organization will continue to flourish because of Brock's commitment. “We are probably going to raise the bar even higher in his memory and his honor. Continue what he started.”

Stan Brock often told his volunteers, “never forget the mission”. There is no doubt, that his wish will be granted. “It will, oh it will. It will go on.”

The next scheduled RAM clinic will be held in Fentress County, Tennessee on September 8th and 9th.

That is about two hours away from Chattanooga. Organizers say the next local clinic will be held sometime next year.