It’s been two months since a Dunlap woman disappeared.

Family members and police are still looking for Tiffany Holbert, but no one has heard from her.

“I can’t believe she’s been gone this long and not got in touch with nobody,” Holbert’s aunt, Irene Curtis, said in disbelief.

Curtis and her sister Kathy Bowers miss their niece more and more each day. As they sit on their porch, they cling to their pictures and memories of her.

“You never dream it would happen,” said Bowers.

“No, it kind of chokes you up,” Curtis agreed.

Tiffany has been missing for more than two months.

Police said she was staying with one of her daughter’s on Crestview Lane. Her daughter said Tiffany left to go on a walk around 6:00 on June 13, and that was the last time she saw her.

Police said security footage shows her getting into a red car at the Industrial Park less than a mile away from her home.

Police said there was no struggle when someone picked her up, but family members don’t believe she left willingly.

“I don’t think she would leave her kids or grandkids,” said Curtis.

“That’s the way we all feel. She just would leave her kids and grandkids,” Bowers agreed.

They both said they don’t like to think the worst has happened but as each day passes, hope fades.

“It’s hard,” Bowers said emotionally.

“The not knowing, and it’s been so long,” continued Curtis.

Tiffany has five kids and six grandchildren.

Police said there have been a few reported sightings of her in Rhea County and Dayton, but she has not been found.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Dunlap Police Department at (423) 949-3319.

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