Eating and drinking habits typically change as the weather changes.

We asked Channel 3 viewers on Facebook, besides the apples and pumpkin spices, does their diet change with cooler weather? To our surprise, most of the comments were about coffee, and the folks at a local shop, Stone Cup, have already started ordering more beans to keep up with the demand.

"We actually just upped our amount 10 pounds. So we usually use 20 pounds of coffee per week, but we're now up to 35 pounds," says Harrison Hall, assistant manager of Stone Cup.

That's just in espresso beans. That number doesn't include drip coffee and cold brew. Hall says by fall, sales will have increased by 20%.

"Millennials, they kind of go with the way the weather is. Like, I really like our iced mocha here, it's delicious," adds Hall.

Customer Zoey Allen says when her dad drinks coffee, it's always hot, but she likes to try a little bit of everything. 

"I'll go through phases depending on the weather, and I'll get it hot. But, mostly now, it's just iced," Zoey says.

During two cooler mornings in August, when the air temperatures fell to the low 60s, Stone Cup tells us, even the portion sizes changed. Hall says on those mornings, more folks went from ordering a 12 ounce cup of coffee to 16 ounces.

National Coffee Day is September 29 this year.

Stone Cup has their after-moon gathering coming up on September 8. Live music and artists will be on the grounds. You can purchase tickets on their Facebook page here.

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