The Athens Utilities Board is warning local homeowners and small businesses about a scam.

One AUB customer on Alford Street said a man came to her home saying he was there to collect for AUB to avoid termination of services. She told the man she would check with AUB about her account status, but she was sure she had paid her bill.

"The man said that his name was 'Jason' and even left a phone number for the customer to call, which of course was bogus," an AUB spokesperson explained.

The woman was able to confirm her account was in good standing.

"AUB does not knock on doors seeking to collect payment," the utility explained. "Any AUB personnel who approach a residence regarding AUB work will have shirts and hats with the AUB insignia as well as company-issued photo ID with the worker’s name and assigned work division, such as Power, Water, Wastewater, or Gas clearly displayed."

If you get a visit or call that you find suspicious, AUB recommends that you call them at 423-745-4501 to check the status of your account.