Channel 3 viewers continue to report receiving text messages from random numbers. The text message claims someone has complimented you, and comes with a link to read that compliment. While some believe it is a scam, tech experts are describing it as a poor marketing attempt.

Viewers have been receiving texts prompting them to click on two links to see what the compliment says. While it looks suspicious, tech experts said there is nothing to worry about.

Christine Payne is tired of scammers targeting her cell phone. She stopped by the Collegedale Police Department to file a complaint, after seeing a Channel 3 story about cyber scams.

She received a text message and thought she was the latest victim. “I got a text that looked very nice. It said you have a compliment. Someone complimented you. I thought, Oh I wonder who that is?” said Christine Payne.

It turns out there was no compliment, or scam.

The text included two links to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download an app.

“Everything that I have seen so far, the app is a good app. It is just the way they are engaging are trying to get people to use the app and using everyone's SMS text messaging that is the issue I would have with this app,” said Consumer Technology Reporter Jamey Tucker.

The new app is called IRL, short for In Real Life. It encourages teenagers to put away their mobile devices and meet with people face to face. “Let's say I have an Lets Hang or In Real Life app, you are in my contact. Once I sign up and give that app access to my contacts then even if you don't have the app you're still going to get those annoying messages.”

Payne didn't click the links that were provided in the text message, which she is thankful for. “Well, I am glad I was smart enough not to click on it.”

Tucker said even if she did click the link, nothing would have happened to her device.

But it's important to do your homework.  “It looks to me; it would just be them trying to get her to download that app. That seems to be the most worrisome thing about this. When I looked at their terms of services and privacy policy they do not sell any personal information the third parties.”

Tech experts said it is always important to never click links you are not familiar with. They also encourage people to be careful on what apps you download onto your phone.