The wife of a UPS driver who suffered a heat stroke while on the job is pushing for the company to add air-conditioning to their trucks.

Since Theresa Klenk’s husband, a UPS delivery driver suffered his heat stroke two years ago, she started a campaign asking UPS to consider the health of its drivers and their families. Her campaign has garnered more than 355,000 people since the beginning.

"We are not talking about in the cab, comfort while they're working. We're talking about the back, where we keep packages and are in and out of many times a day," Klenk told 11Alive.

“Drivers like my husband are at incredibly high risk during summer months when temperatures in their trucks can climb to 180+ degrees,” Klenk said in a statement. “As a result, they can face dehydration and heat stroke, which can have life-threatening consequences.”

In 2016, her husband woke up feeling ill and hours later was in the emergency room with failing kidneys.

"That is the first time I saw my husband with a tear in his eye. He was very scared, we both were, I was scared he was going to die," she said.

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