Chattanooga Police are now investigating a shooting on Bradt Street as a homicide.

Officers say they found a man who had been shot in the chest, and another man shot in the back Friday night. Investigators tell us Kevin Crayton who was shot in the chest died from his injuries. The other man is expected to be okay.

Chattanooga Police responded to a shooting Friday night on Bradt Street where they found two types of shell casings. Investigators say that indicates there were two shooters. Witnesses say it all started with an argument outside. 

“Nobody deserves to be shot down, but he was the nicest guy,” said Patricia Garner.

Patricia Garner has lived on Bradt Street for years. She was not home when the shooting happened, but she had difficulty getting to her house because the street was blocked off. She says she's heartbroken to hear about this gun violence.

“I got my candles and my angel. I lit them, and I'll let them burn all night so that he can shine his light,” said Garner.

Sherquilla Hubbard and Montrell Williams have been arrested in the case. Garner says the duo isn't from the neighborhood where the shooting happened.

“It's the people that come into the neighborhood. Everybody on this block knows everyone,” said Garner.

Williams is still being held at the Hamilton County Jail on a one million dollar bond. Both Williams and Hubbard are set to be in court September 4th.