Tennessee lawmakers are remembering Arizona Senator John McCain. He died at 81 years old from brain cancer.

Earlier this week, McCain's family announced that he would be discontinuing treatment.

Senator Lamar Alexander issued a statement on Saturday.

“There is usually one United States Senator who stands above the rest and for the last several years that has been John McCain.  His character, courage and devotion to our country have been an example for all of us. Honey and I send our prayers to Cindy and the entire McCain family.”

Senator Bob Corker also reacted to the news.

“America lost a statesman and hero tonight and all of us in the Senate lost a friend,” said Corker. “John McCain was cantankerous at times – and proud of it – but always fighting to make our nation better. He was a patriot, an inspiration, and served in a way that is all too rare in Washington today. My thoughts and prayers are with Cindy and the entire McCain family as they mourn his loss.”

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann expressed his condolences.

"I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Senator McCain. Senator McCain was a maverick embodying remarkable strength and courage during his 81 years. I thank Senator McCain for his service to our country in combat and in Congress. My thoughts are with the McCain family, their friends, and loved ones."