Tennessee has the second worst drivers in the country, according to a new study by Smart Asset. Tennessee came in fourth in 2017.

"No one wants to be ranked in the top five in anything negative, so to be number two is pretty bad," said Pamela Armour.

The study based its findings off four metrics: percent of drivers with insurance, number of DUIs per driver, average number of deaths per miles driven, and how often residents Google terms like traffic ticket or speeding ticket. Tennessee was ranked 19th for DUI arrests and 16th for deadly crashes.

"Traffic, in general, has been getting worse, so I think I've just been getting frustrated," said Paul Reich.

Reich says he isn't surprised by Tennessee drivers being ranked second worst in the country. His friend, Arpan Sarkar, feels differently.

"I'm a little surprised," said Sarkar. "I just came over from a summer in Boston so I'm really enjoying it here. Everyone is really polite."

Drivers tell News4 some of the most irritating situations on the road are when drivers don't use their turn signals or wait too long to merge.

"I get cut off on the highway a fair amount," said Michael Becker. "Getting cut off is pretty frustrating."

Five of the top 10 states with the worst drivers are in the south, according to the study. Smart Asset says these states tend to have the highest fatality rates and lowest auto insurance rates.

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