An abnormally wet summer is causing problems for one Ooltewah neighborhood. Homeowners reported a foul smell. That smell has been linked to a sewage issue, which has also impacted a well-known golf course.

Homeowner April Dalrymple's back porch is about 20 yards from the sewer line. She took video of the sewer flooding on Monday outside her Jonathan Drive home, where neighbors describe smelling a foul odor when there is a major rain event. What appears to look like a trail is actually an erosion of the green from sewage. April says the trail was not there when they moved in three years ago.

"Probably six to ten times, we've seen it overflow, and flow onto the golf course," Dalrymple stated.

The problem has also impacted nearby Champions Golf Course. The owner of the green tells Channel 3 that whenever there's heavy rainfall, two of the holes must be closed to the public until the issue is resolved. 

Dalrymple said she's contacted the Waster Water Treatment Authority about the problem. A spokesperson told Channel 3 that the Snow Hill Road Pump, which is 1/2 a mile from Dalrymple's home, had two pumps fail due to debris clogging the system. The authority has ordered two new pumps for the station and hopes to have them in place in the next two weeks. Crews from Clean Harbors Environmental Services were on site today helping with cleanup, but Dalrymple worries the problem will continue.

The neighborhood is about 60 yards from Rogers Branch Creek, which comes from Harrison Bay. She thinks growth in the neighborhood is contributing to the problem.

"They've built these two houses and two houses across the street, just since we've moved here," Dalrymple added.

The Waste Water Authority will spend more than $100,000 to fix the pumps and says they are monitoring a bypass pump day and night to ensure it is working properly. A spokesperson said it's important to keep debris out of the system. They also remind all homeowners to avoid flushing things like wipes.

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