A 78-year-old man punched a Hamilton County Sheriff's deputy while he was being arrested.

Deputies went to Charles Gentry Koory's home early Sunday morning after he called 911, according to an arrest report. Koory told them that he was having issues getting a family member to listen to him. The family member was trying to sleep in Koory's bed, and he wanted her to go to another room. Deputies said they could ask her to go, but they could not make her go.

Koory told the deputies that he called 911 to get them to come to his house. Deputies explained to him that he should only call 911 if there is an emergency, and this wasn't one. Koory said he would call 911 again if the deputies left without making the woman go to another room, the report explained.

After being told he could be arrested if he called again, Koory picked the woman up and threw her on the ground.

Deputies then attempted to arrest Koory, but he started swinging his fists at them. Koory struck one of the deputies in the torso and neck. Deputies struck back to stop the assault from continuing, the report explained.

Koory was finally taken into custody. The victim was taken to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Koory was booked in the Hamilton County Jail and his bond is set at $4,000.