A local school is joining a movement to create a lasting culture of kindness not just in the classroom, but also when students leave the building.

Students at Battle Academy hope by choosing to be nice they can change the way they treat one another and create a norm to avoid bullying and other negative behaviors.

Battle Academy is the first school in the state of Tennessee to adopt the "Choose to be Nice" initiative.

"What we're really trying to do at the end of the day is, improve the way we interact with one another on a daily basis," Dina Creiger, founder of Choose to be Nice, said

The purpose is to inspire everyone to find the good in others. For Creiger, it took a tragedy to encourage her to make a difference.

"It was the Boston Marathon bombings, so when I was driving home from Cape Cod and I heard about what was going on, I immediately decided the next day it was time to start choose to be nice," she said.

The curriculum is geared toward elementary and middle school students. They focus on nine different character traits that are centered around on creating a lasting culture of kindness.

Across the county, her movement is taking off and Monday some students at Battle Academy joined and took the pledge.

"One of my principal's said, 'our second graders come in and instead of tattling on each other every day, they talk about the nice things the kids are doing," she explained.

You might think this is an anti-bullying campaign, but Creiger said it's much more. She says it's about creating a common language and culture that starts in the classroom.

"I worry about where we are today, and it's my mission and it's my goal to really remind us all that we all have a choice every day about how we treat one another and interact with one another," Creiger said.

"Choose to be Nice" is working on a program to expand to high schools and even the corporate world.

You can join others and make the promise today by visiting their website.