About a dozen people spent their Saturday morning cleaning up Chattanooga Creek.

Volunteers got on paddleboards and kayaks, with a skimmer, bucket and trash bag.

"There's been tires, there's been a lot of plastic debris,” Organizer Dirk Unkle said about the previous clean-ups, “There's been anchors, there's been toilet bowls before, and there’s been all kinds of porcelain. It's unbelievable some of the stuff people throw into a creek."

But these volunteers are trying to fix that.

They are collecting trash that’s piled up in the Chattanooga Creek.

"So a lot of people don't know, but Chattanooga Creek is one of the dirtiest creeks in Chattanooga," Unkle said.

Organizers said parts of the creek are so polluted, you have to get off your paddleboard and walk around them on the shore.

Less than 15 minutes after they started, crews came back to the dumping station with multiple tires and full bags of trash.

Organizers have been planning cleanups on the creeks and rivers in the area for 3 years. They said the work is far from over.

"This is one of many,” Unkle said. “This is an ongoing project over the years."

Organizers said they expect to pick up hundreds of pounds of trash and debris.