Aviation is one of ten career and technical education programs offered by Cleveland High. More than a hundred students are taking the class, with more waiting in line.

A newly acquired simulator is no amusement park ride.  It offers a realistic experience, complete with clouds, wind and turbulence, with a 180-degree view from every airport in the world.

Math and physics are involved too so that students have a firm foundation in the basics of flight.  It goes far beyond piloting.  Someone has to build, maintain and repair those engines as well, and direct air traffic.

Students can begin earning their FAA private pilot's licenses at age 16, and some of their required hours can be earned in the simulator.  Cleveland added aviation following a community survey, confirming the choice by determining if it provides a good career path. The answer was yes.  The area's proximity to Chattanooga and Atlanta airports could help those areas fill jobs in the future. Plus, Cleveland's Jetport is expanding.

Instructor Isaac Conrad and Cleveland High CTE director Renny Whittenbarger say many of the students have never flown in an airplane, but when they do, they'll have a more complete understanding of the miracle of flight.