This is another one of those cases where we do not have video of the bad guy committing the initial crime, but when he goes ahead with the second and third and fourth, we get a very good view. "From the video evidence that I have, he was by himself," explained Chattanooga Police Investigator Brad Brown. "He arrived in the vehicle, left in the vehicle by himself."

In surveillance video, the 'himself' to which Inv. Brown refers appears in store video, using the cards he had lifted. Brown takes us back where this case began. "We had a car broken into in the Saint Elmo area and it was, they broke into her car by breaking out the window and they got her purse and contents and they got credit cards."

That happened in the early evening, and the bad guy went very quickly to East Ridge, to drug stores and a gas station, to use the cards before sundown. "They went to Walgreens and they got $200 cards, I think it was American express cards, and went to CVS and it was denied when they try to do a transaction."

The surveillance video is relatively clear. He looks to be a new Dad, or to be trying to cleverly disguise his misdeeds by buying a box of diapers. "I did notice that he had some type of necklace maybe some dog tags or something," Brown continued. "Looks like he has a ring on and he looks like maybe a middle-aged black male in a white car, that you can see from the pictures."

Remember, you do not have to know his name. Any bit of information helps. Your tip could help solve a lot of prior crimes and keep the next one from happening. "Yes," Brown agreed. "any clue that might generate an additional lead helps. One person giving one lead, that helps here and then we get additional leads, there is a good chance we can put them together and identify this person that is breaking into people's cars."

We could get you paid, too. We have up to $1,000 reward cash waiting for the right bit of information. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

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