UPDATE: Chattanooga Police have increased their patrols at Coolidge Park.

This comes after a homeless man attempted to rape a woman in the park.

Friday evening, Anthony Hixson, a homeless man asked a woman for money, began flirting with her, and attempted to rape her according to court records.

A witness saw movement in the bushes and pulled Hixson off the victim.

“We have to lay our head wherever we can lay on it. Stuff like that happens they're looking down on us, and makes us look bad,” said Steve Leek.

Steve leek has been homeless for almost a year and was sleeping under the walking bridge that night.

He says he's disappointed this happened.

“There are so many women out there looking for a boyfriend you don't need to rape someone. They don't need to do that,” said Leek.

Guadalupe Zamora and her family are from Calhoun and visit Coolidge Park whenever they are in town.

She says hearing this news scares her, but her children are prepared.

“I bought my children a whistle and little bit of knowledge on how to defend themselves,” said Guadalupe Zamora.

Shaina Clendenin just moved closer to the park.

She says this incident won't stop her from bringing her daughter to play.

“I like taking her out and there so many things to do over here. I think as long as we're cautious and aware of our surroundings. I think it's a good family place, ”said Shaina Clendenin.

Hixson’s bond has been set at $50,000. The police department says there's no threat to the community.

PREVIOUS STORY: A man is behind bars after police said he tried to rape a woman in Coolidge Park.

Anthony Hixson faces attempted rape charges. Court documents said a woman was in the area under the Walnut Street Bridge Friday when Hixson began flirting with her.

She told officers he then tried to remove her clothes and attacked her.

The woman started yelling for help and someone nearby pulled Hixson off of her. Another woman told police that she had also seen Hixson attacking the woman.