UPDATE: The Walker County Sheriff's Office is warning the community about a peeping tom.

They say a man was caught looking into a woman's window while she was getting ready Wednesday morning.

Neighbors say this suspicious person has them worried. They are now taking precautions so that they don't become victims.

Heather Harris and her family moved into the Stonebrook subdivision almost two months ago.

She joined a Facebook group to stay notified about what's going on in the area. That's how she found out a man was going around peeping through windows.

“We're about to get some security cameras and have them installed. So we'll have those outside, and some inside as well. It will ease our mind a little bit,”  Heather Harris said. “We went to Walmart to purchase locks and new curtains that you can't see through.”

Jody Hammond lives up the street from Harris and has been living there for almost 15 years. He says he's surprised this happened in their neighborhood.

“It's been very quiet the whole time," Jody Hammond said. "Since we've lived here there have been no incidents."

Last year, Hammond and a few other homeowners started a neighborhood watch to look out for burglars.

He says it’s been beneficial to the community.

“When someone's out of town, or anything like that to keep us safe,”  Hammond said.

The Walker County Sheriff's Office is looking for a white man wearing dark blue athletic shorts, tennis shoes and no shirt. If you have any information contact Captain Burt Cagle at 706-638-1909.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Walker County Sheriff's Office is warning residents in the Noble community to be on the lookout for a suspected peeping tom.

On Wednesday around 6:15 a.m., officials say a woman who lives on Pebblestone Drive saw a man on her back porch staring at her in her living room as she was getting ready for the day.

The man ran off when he realized he had been spotted.

The man is described as a white male who's 25-30 years old and about 6'0 feet tall. He has short dark hair. The man was wearing tennis shoes, dark blue or black athletic shorts, which may have had a white stripe down each side, and no shirt.

Officials say he could be an early morning runner.

Officials say residents in other areas of the Noble community, including Bell Road, Summerfield Road, and Stonebrook Subdivision, should be aware.

If anyone has any information about this case or similar incidents, please call Captain Burt Cagle at (706) 639-0869 or call the 911 non-emergency phone number at (706) 375-7810.

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