Wednesday morning school will be back in session in Hamilton County.

Teachers are making last minute preparations before students head back to class.

"This is my home away from home and we are here most of our day,” said first-grade teacher Amanda Stanford, “I need the kids to know that this is their home away from home too."

"I want them to come in and feel at home," echoed kindergarten teacher Devorah Hamilton.

Roughly 600 students and 40 teachers will fill the halls at Wolftever Creek Elementary School.

The classrooms are where students and teachers will spend about eight hours a day, five days a week, for the next several months.

"It's important to set the year up,” explained Stanford, “I want them to know I’m glad they're here."

Final touches are going on colorful reading corners, workstations, and desks. Technology for the year is also rolling in.

Stanford and Hamilton both said they put in weeks of work and hundreds of dollars on their classrooms.

"Working on cleaning our classrooms, getting things ready for the kids,” Stanford explained, “Today I’m working on the finalized list. I'm getting their names on their desks."

Hamilton is gearing up for her 28th year of teaching, "There's so much more now that I have to do than when I started way back at 1991."

Now, she's making sure paperwork that will need to go home is in order and her kindergarten classroom is bright and colorful.

"I want to make learning fun for the children,” urged Hamilton, “I want them to be excited about learning."

The back to school bell will ring at 8:15 Wednesday morning at Wolftever Creek Elementary School.

Administrators do ask parents to make sure their students are registered before they bring them to class.